Chris Lane Reveals His Choice For ‘The Bachelorette’

Some guys may not be man enough to admit that they watch ABC’s The Bachelorette, but not Chris Lane. The “Fix” singer admitted to Nash Country Daily that he loves watching The Bachelorette and was not happy with the way the show ended on Monday night (July 18).

“I love it, yes and the fact that they made it a ‘to be continued’ episode last night makes me upset because next week I’m not going to get to watch because I’m going to playing a fair. I’m going to miss it. Oh my gosh, I just thought of this, I could record it on the bus and watch it after my show. Thank you Tivo.”

James, Luke and Jordan give JoJo a lift on The Bachelorette.

This season of The Bachelorette finds JoJo Fletcher, who’s heart was broken on the previous season of The Bachelor, looking for love amongst 25 very similar looking suitors. In the latest episode we were left hanging when the show ended and Jojo’s choice will have to wait until next week’s episode.

Chris has his own opinion on who he would like to see JoJo end up with.  “I hated to see James go because he was a super nice guy,” Chris reveals. “[JoJo] looks like she may be into Jordan [Rodgers]— (brother of Green Bay Packers quarterback, Aaron Rodgers). I kind of feel like that looks like where she’s leaning toward but I don’t know. I like Luke, I think he seems like a nice guy.”

We’ll all have to wait to find out who JoJo picks when the final episode of The Bachelorette airs Monday, Aug. 1.  You can be sure Chris will be watching.

Chris will then be able to put all his attention into the release of his debut album, Girl Problems, when it becomes available on Aug. 5. In the meantime Chris’ song “Fix” is sitting in the No. 5 slot on the Billboard Country Airplay charts and the North Carolina native is currently on the Rhythm and Roots Tour with Rascal Flatts and Kelsea Ballerini.



Photo Courtesy of Sweet Talk Publicity