Trace Adkins Rounds Up 6 Songs for Brand-New EP, “Ain’t That Kind of Cowboy”

Trace Adkins rounded up a handful of songs for his new EP, Ain’t That Kind of Cowboy, which drops on Oct. 16.

The six-song set features a number of top songwriters, including Hillary Lindsey, Corey Crowder, Josh Osborne, Jeffery Steele and more. Produced by Bart Butler, the new EP includes recently released songs “Just the Way We Do It,” “Mind on Fishin'” and “Better Off.”

“It was great to work with Bart and [Verge Records president] Mickey Jack [Cones] on these handpicked songs from some of my favorite writers,” says Trace. “I’m really proud of these songs and looking forward to what’s to come.”

Ain’t That Kind of Cowboy Track List

  1. “Better Off” (Hillary Lindsey/Corey Crowder)
  2. “Mind on Fishin’” (Aaron Raitere/Wynn Varble)
  3. “Ain’t That Kind of Cowboy” (Justin Lantz/Stephen Wilson)
  4. “Big” (TJ Osborne/John Osborne/John Pierce)
  5. “Running Into You” (James Slater/Tony Lane)
  6. “Just The Way We Do It” (Jeffrey Steele/Danny Myrick/Kip Raines/Bart Allmand)

Trace hosts a festive free-for-all full of friends, food and fireworks in his new video for “Just the Way We Do It,” which you can watch below.

photo by TCD