Garth Brooks Is FUN and LIVE This Friday, November 20th

Garth Brooks is going to be a busy man this Friday, November 20, as he will be releasing not one, but two albums! Garth’s FUN, and Triple Live Deluxe both arrive for fans as early Christmas presents. After that, Garth has to get busy again planning his next TV special, which airs one month later on December 20, as he and Trisha will be going live on CBS TV with Garth & Trisha Live! A Holiday Concert Event. 

Garth says having all this happen in November and December might just be what his fans need to end this crazy year in a good way “Man, this year has…it’s been the s-l-o-w-e-s-t year of my life and has flown by quicker than any year. How can that be? I guess that’s what happens with the COVID and no touring, no music. But…11/20 and 12/20 – those are the two dates, right? You’ve just got to remember those two dates. And that’s a great way to end 2020 on a high note, a fun note.”

So, whether it’s FUN, Triple Live Deluxe or Christmas, Garth says “It’s all about music.”

As for the Christmas special, Garth and Trisha are taking your requests…just like they have done for their other Facebook performances and CBS special this year. Hit them up on their social media with what you want them to sing.

photo by TCD