Garth Brooks Reveals Why He Ditched Track No. 13 on New “Fun” Album

Garth Brooks released his new album, Fun, on Nov. 20. While there are 14 songs on the new project, fans will notice that Track 13 is actually two seconds of emptiness. Don’t worry, it’s not a glitch from the production team, according to Garth.

Track 12 on Fun is the album’s most serious song, “Where the Cross Don’t Burn,” featuring Charley Pride. As Garth explained on his Facebook Live series, Inside Studio G, on Nov. 23, he wanted a moment of silence after the song for listeners to absorb it.

“It’s not like I’m superstitious, knock on wood,” said Garth as he knocked on his head a couple of times. “You know, they say superstition is the lack of faith. For me, I don’t think it hurts to have both. I’m sorry, I don’t . . . What I wanted after ‘Where the Cross Don’t Burn,’ I wanted four or five seconds of just silence to kinda absorb what that song said, and [Track 13] having to play for two or three seconds to register for the computers and then move on to [Track] 14. It all fell perfectly together.”

Longtime fans of Garth’s work will recall the absence of Track 13 on his 1998 Double Live album, which featured six seconds of crowd noise on Track 13 on disc one.

Fun Track List

1. “The Road I’m On”
2. “That’s What Cowboys Do”
3. “All Day Long”
4. “Shallow” with Trisha Yearwood
5. “Dive Bar” with Blake Shelton
6. “Amen”
7. “The Courage of Love”
8. “I Can Be Me With You”
9. “Message in a Bottle”
10. “Stronger Than Me”
11. “(A Hard Way to Make An) Easy Livin’”
12. “Where the Cross Don’t Burn” feat. Charley Pride
14. “Party Gras (The Mardi Gras Song)”
15. “(Sometimes You’ve Got to Die To) Live Again”

photo by Tammie Arroyo,