Miranda Lambert & Elle King Pair Up and Hair Up

Miranda Lambert has teamed up with Elle King for a new song called “Drunk (and I Don’t Wanna Go Home)”.

The connection between the two singers started a couple of years ago, Miranda shares, “Elle and I were on tour together for Roadside Bars and Pink Guitars and she and I became really good friends.”

Elle says, “Miranda is someone I have looked up to as a songwriter, musician, performer, and human being for a long time. So our tumbleweed snowball story of getting to know each other is the ultimate real deal kinda thing.  Nobody revs me up, kicks my ass on stage, or treats me more like family than Miranda Lambert.”

When it came to finding just the right musical partner for “Drunk (and I Don’t Wanna Go Home)” Elle knew who to reach out to, “The true story of this song sums up our wild friendship…Our rowdy reputations proceed us, so who else could sing this song together besides us?”

Miranda adds, “She sent me this awesome song 2019 and asked me if I would sing on it. And, I heard it and of course loved it- Such an anthem.”

Of course between getting the song, and then getting an opportunity to record it, quarantine happened — so while the song was delayed, it was not stopped.

Miranda says, “2020 happened, so we’re finally getting this song out.”

Elle couldn’t be more thrilled to start 2021 with this new track at radio, “Crawling out of such a crazy year, still full of so many unknowns, I ultimately couldn’t think of another person I’d rather come out singin’ and swingin’ with than the most badass chick I know. Miranda.”

The song is one thing, but the video…takes it to a whole new level according to Miranda, “We got to shoot a really fun video at the American Legion in Nashville and we got to have really big hair. So, we had a blast.”

Check out the music video for “Drunk (and I Don’t Wanna Go Home” from Miranda Lambert and Elle King, right here…

Photos courtesy of Sony Music Nashville