Michael Ray Discovered a Lot of Info About Deana Carter Thanks to Honky Tonk Tuesday

When touring stopped last year, Michael Ray looked for a new creative outlet to help him connect with fans, and also give him something to do…so he started his Honky Tonk Tuesday series.

Fan and fellow artists have loved both watching and appearing on the weekly musical get together. Michael takes his hosting duties seriously, and makes sure to be prepared for the artists that show up.

He admits that while he was a fan and knew her music, his research of Deana Carter turned up some interesting tidbits that he didn’t previously know about her, “As a fan, I learned so much, because I do a lot of research before I have a guest on…so, I learned so much, but Deana Carter blew my mind. Obviously she’s an incredible artist, incredible singer – I didn’t know about her playing Farm-Aid, her growing up with Willie (Nelson), and Kris Kristofferson, and how much Willie Nelson played in her career, and just how talented she is as a songwriter and an artist…and that one I’ll always hold dear to me.”

Check out the episode of Honky Tonk Tuesday with Michael Ray and Deana Carter