Jameson Rodgers’ In It For The Money EP Is Available Now

Jameson Rodgers‘ brand new EP, In It For The Money, is out now!

Before his EP came out, Jameson recorded a thank you to the fans for all the support that allowed him to release this new collection of music…

Of course that reference to a cold beer calling his name is about his current single with Luke Combs

That’s just one of the tracks featured on Jameson Rodgers’ In It For the Money EP…

Jameson is really happy to have this new collection of songs out for fans, “It’s just nice to put out some new music…it’s been, it seems like it’s been forever. It’s been 3 years for me since my last EP was out, you know, I’ve been in town writing in Nashville, writing for the last 11 years. So I’ve compiled a bunch of songs that I felt like best fit the time, and this project for the time.”

Jameson also teases that this might not be his only release in 2021, “A bunch of new songs coming later this year too…so, I’m just excited for everybody to hear the new stuff.”

One of the new tracks on Jameson Rodgers’ In It For the Money EP – which is available now – is “Good Dogs”…

Headline Photo Credit: Matthew Berinato

Additional Photos Courtesy of Jameson Rodgers