Ryan Hurd & Maren Morris Still Chase After Each Other In Song, and In Life

Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd are both songwriters who have been the creative force behind some major country music hits over the past several years.

So, it’s a bit ironic that their first true duet together – neither one had a hand in writing.

“Chasing After You,” written by Brinley Addington and Jerry Flowers, connected with the country music making married couple in a very real way…Maren says, “We really…I guess heard ourselves in the lyrics and it just still rang true today. I feel like whether you’ve been with someone for two seconds or twenty years, you’re always longing for them. I feel like touring and being away from each other gives an element of that, like you’re still chasing me down, I’m chasing you down. So this song will always kind of be fitting.”

Ryan followed with “I’ll still chase after you.”

Maren approved, “Good. Always.”

Ryan performed on the ACM Awards for the first time, last month, and he thought it was very fitting that Maren was there for it…and just recently they made their Late Night With Seth Meyers debut singing their duet “Chasing After You”…check out that appearance here…

Photo Courtesy of Sony Music Nashville