Drew Parker Finds Puppy Love in the Video for “While You’re Gone”

When you listen to Drew Parker‘s song “While You’re Gone” you get one experience…

When you watch the music video — you get an entirely different one.

First, when it comes to the track, Drew shares, ““I wrote this song with my good buddy Jameson Rodgers, and we sat down and just wanted to kind of chase what we thought was an ode to 90s country…and what we felt like a lyric from the 90s would sound like.”

Drew adds, “You know, most people listen to this song, they probably listen to it as a sad song…let’s use the video to visually say ‘Hey, this is kind of a funny song.’ There’s the aspect that you can listen to this and laugh a little bit that this guy’s so delirious that he’s going to sit there and drink until he rots away, until this girl never comes back. So there’s always been this sad, slightly funny story about this song.”

So, when it came to the music video, Drew says “Everybody loves a good plot twist, right?”

We’re not going to give it away — but you can discover it for yourself here – the music video for Drew Parker’s “While You’re Gone.”

Photo Credit: Jason Myers