Lady A’s Charles Kelley Moves Out From Behind the Drums to Find His Voice

Lady A‘s Charles Kelley shares that before he found his voice as a lead singer, he got his musical start as a drummer…but not a good one. “Something that most people probably don’t know is I actually first started playing drums before I realized I could sing. And you know, I wasn’t a very good drummer.”

But lucky for us, Charles kept with music and performing only to discover his talents lay elsewhere. “All of a sudden I started singing some and realized that I was better at that, and that the front man needed to be seen.”

Charles will be flexing his front man skills this weekend as the What A Song Can Do tour kicks off in Connecticut.

Check out the dates for the tour to see if it’s heading your way…

Here’s Charles, Dave & Hillary on the title track to their tour, and new album…

Photo Courtesy of Lady A