Jameson Rodgers is Ready for His Tour But Not Ready to Challenge Luke Combs

If you’ve heard Jameson Rodgers song “Cold Beer Calling My Name” – which he sings with Luke Combs, you need to see the video. Jameson says he had a great time during the shoot, “Man, that was a blast. I got to drive a beer truck, that was a first. Got to deliver some beer that day.”

There was a lot of other great moments while filming the video…but he’s glad one thing did not happen between him and Luke, “I was fortunate, that there wasn’t like a shot-gunning challenge, between me and Luke that day. I kind of made sure that didn’t happen because that would have…you’ve seen Luke shotgun a beer I’m sure. It’s impressive. I can probably think of maybe another thing or two I can beat Luke at but that’s not one.”

Jameson isn’t kidding about Luke’s beer shot-gunning skills…he basically has it down to a science…

Now that’s a talent!

While Jameson might not be ready to go to toe-to-toe with Luke at shot-gunning, he is ready to hit the road on his Cold Beer Calling My Name tour which starts next week in Rootstown, Ohio and runs through the end of 2021 – wrapping with a show in Nashville, TN.

Fans will be looking forward to seeing Jameson play “Cold Beer Calling My Name” and his number-one hit “Some Girls”…

Photo Credit: Matthew Berinato