Carly Pearce Remembers Awkwardly Meeting Trisha Yearwood for the First Time

Carly Pearce is still flying high off of her induction into the Grand Ole Opry last week.

She was welcomed into the Opry family by Trisha Yearwood

Trisha probably enjoyed the greeting Carly gave her on that night last week as compared to the first time the two met backstage at the Grand Ole Opry a few years ago. Carly says, “On my second performance on the Opry we heard that there was a surprise guest, and we didn’t know who that was. And I’m standing with two of my band members, and we heard a knock on my door. We turned, and it was Garth Brooks. And he goes, ‘Hey, I’m Garth. Can I come in?’ I was like, ‘Yes.’ And then in walks Trisha, and I screamed in her face. And I don’t know if she remembers that, but she probably does. She was probably scared.”

Carly is not wasting any time on making her next appearance on the Opry stage – her first as an official member – this upcoming Tuesday, August 17th, will see her return.

Carly will surely be playing her current single at country radio, “Next Girl” – which is one of the tracks on her newly announced album, 29: Written In Stone -arriving September 17th

Check out the music video for “Next Girl” here…

Photo Credit: Allister Ann

Additional Photos Courtesy of Carly Pearce