Lauren Alaina is Sitting Pretty On Top Of The World with Her New Album

Lauren Alaina‘s third album, Sitting Pretty On Top Of The World is available now…

The 15-track project combines new material along with tracks from her two EPs from last year, Getting Good and Getting Over Him.

Talking about the new album, Lauren says “It’s about a dreamer becoming an achiever. It’s being broken and ending up healed. It’s all of me. The early chapters. The new beginnings. The hope for the future and total appreciation for the past. Taking the Road Less Traveled and ending up Sitting Pretty on Top of the World.”

Sitting Pretty On Top Of The World track listing;
1. “It Was Me” (Lauren Alaina, Hillary Lindsey)
2. “If The World Was A Small Town” (Lauren Alaina, David Garcia, Josh Miller)
3. “Getting Good” (featuring Trisha Yearwood) (Emily Weisband)
4. “Same Story, Different Saturday Night” (Lauren Alaina, Hillary Lindsey, Lori McKenna, Liz Rose)
5. “On Top Of The World” (Lauren Alaina, Jordan Reynolds, Sasha Sloan)
6. “Run” (Lauren Alaina, Ben Johnson, Kennedi Lykken)
7. “What Do You Think Of?” (duet w Lukas Graham) (Lauren Alaina, Jens Carlsson, Asia Whiteacre)
8. “I’m Not Sad Anymore” (Lauren Alaina, Hillary Lindsey, Lori McKenna, Liz Rose)
9. “Getting Over Him” (duet w Jon Pardi) (Lauren Alaina, Paul DiGiovanni, Emily Weisband)
10. “Good Ole Boy” (Lauren Alaina, David Garcia, Josh Miller)
11. “When The Party’s Over” (Lauren Alaina, David Garcia, Corey Crowder)
12. “You Ain’t A Cowboy” (Lauren Alaina, Casey Brown, Parker Welling)
13. “Goodbye Street” (Lauren Alaina, Jacob Durrett, Ernest K. Smith)
14. “Written In The Bar” (Lauren Alaina, Hillary Lindsey, Lori McKenna, Liz Rose)
15. “Change My Mind” (Lauren Alaina, Cameron Bedell, Seth Ennis)

When it comes to the track sequence, Lauren wants listeners to know, “The order and everything is important. I start the album with ‘It Was Me’ and I end it with ‘Change My Mind.’ You hear the needle drop at the top, and the vinyl fade out at the end…and my whole story is in there. Kind of in order.”

Lauren shares, “I think the most important song on the record for me…the one that I love the most is ‘It Was Me’ the first song on the album. It is the most vulnerable and raw and honest song best that I’ve ever written and I pride myself on writing honest and vulnerable songs but I think the reason I love it the most is I really think it shows how much I’ve grown as a person. I had to do a lot of soul-searching to be able to say something like that So, for my first love I put it first for that reason.”

When it comes to the album title, Lauren says “I titled the album Sitting Pretty On Top of the World based off of the fifth track called ‘On Top of the World, and I wrote that song about my struggles with depression. I was out for a walk with my mask on in my neighborhood when the whole world was shut down and the only thing we were allowed to do was walk on the sidewalk far away from everyone else and the weight of the whole pandemic hit me in that walk for whatever reason I think…I think we all got there at different times…when it finally hit us what was actually happening. I got upset…then I got upset with myself for being upset and I wrote down ‘hitting rock-bottom sitting on top of the world.’ We made it about a break up to make it a little bit of a softer…I guess delivery for the idea but it ended up being ‘hitting rock bottom sitting pretty on top of the world.'”

She adds, “The title, now for me, is just really empowering sounding and I found so much healing and I’ve gotten myself into such a great place emotionally…that, that title feels really representative of how I feel now too so it’s kind of a double meaning.”

With the release of her third album, Lauren realizes how far she’s come since her first last two projects and the 10 years she’s been on the country music scene, “Writing the songs helped me to grow and they also helped me to realize how much I have grown. I’ve been through a lot since I was 16, a lot of life changing events. And this album for me feels like a celebration of all of those things and overcoming all of those things. And I start – this journey is really a lot about my love life more than anything I’ve ever done. I mean I was 16 to 19 writing the last album and this album I was 25. So that’s a really big difference in life.”

Sitting Pretty On Top Of The World from Lauren Alaina is available now, and it includes her current single at country radio – “Getting Over Him” which features her buddy Jon Pardi.

Photo Courtesy of Lauren Alaina