Chris Janson Gets Real in the Music Video for “Bye Mom”

Chris Janson‘s new single “Bye Mom” is one of his most personal songs to date.

Chris says, “‘Bye Mom’ is one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written…I wrote it with Brandon Kinney, a close friend of mine who just recently lost his mother this past year and you know we initially started this song as a tribute ‘Bye Mom’ but it turns out that it’s a lot of people story and it’s not just about death, it’s about life too and it’s about realizing that you’re somebody that somebody loves more than themselves and that’s really what motherhood is all about.”

When it came to making the music video for his new song, Chris continued to make sure that it also had a very personal touch, “These actors are co-writer Brandon Kinney and his family. The inspiration and story behind ‘Bye Mom’ is very real.”

Chris adds, “It was especially important to me to have Brandon and his family star in the video because it’s his real story. Nobody could’ve provided the real emotion better. His whole family really ties it all together. I’m humbled by them, thankful and so proud.”

Photo Credit: Spidey Smith