Dillon Carmichael Makes a Unique Deal with His Fans

Dillon Carmichael‘s sophomore album Son Of A is going to be released Friday, October 22nd – and he’s got an offer for his fans.


I’ll make y’all a deal – if we can get the #sonofa album to the top of the #itunes country charts on 10/22, I will shave a #1 into my chest hair 😂 #preorder via link in bio!!

♬ Paychecks And Longnecks – Dillon Carmichael

That’s one of the more unique marketing strategies for a new release in a while.

Son Of A‘s14-tracks includes “Paychecks and Longnecks”…

the album also feature’s “Hot Beer”

Dillon Carmichael’s Son Of A arrives Friday, October 22nd – and to get a number-one shaved into Dillon’s chest hair, pre-order the album here: https://orcd.co/dcsonofa

Photo Courtesy of Dillon Carmichael