Walker Hayes Gets “Fancy Like” with Kesha in His New Music Video

Walker Hayes has a huge hit on his hands with “Fancy Like” – which is now Top-5 (and climbing) on the country airplay chart.

Walker explains how the song, and the new music video for “Fancy Like” – which now includes fellow music star Kesha – both came from the same place, “This song came out of a conversation about the misconceptions that celebrities or artists live a lavish lifestyle, and it’s important for folks to know that’s not necessarily true. I’m truly about as fancy as Applebee’s on a date night, so creating a video celebrating the simple moments in life – like watching a movie or drinking box wine – was important to us. Kesha and I each bring our own versions of ‘Fancy Like’ to this, and I love how it came together.”

Check out the new video for “Fancy Like” from Walker Hayes and Kesha here…

Photo Courtesy of Monument Records