Jimmie Allen’s Dad Introduced Him to the Music of Charley Pride

In was January of 1972 that Charley Pride hit number-one with his 8th chart topper, and the song that would become most identified with the singer, “Kiss An Angel Good Morning.”

Growing up Jimmie Allen knew that he wanted to be a singer…and not just any genre, he wanted to be a country singer.

That’s when Jimmie’s dad did something that had a major impact on Jimmie – he introduced his son to the Charley’s music.

Jimmie recalls the moment he was talking to his dad, “I told him I wanted to get into music, and he told me there’s somebody you need to know. And he put me onto Charley Pride. When I heard him, I was like, ‘Alright cool, he’s got a good voice, Dad, I like his voice.’ No, you need to see what he looks like. He showed me his picture, and I was like, ‘Whoa okay I get it now’.”

When that happened, little did Jimmie know that not only would he grow up to be a country music singer, but he’d also befriend the music legend and even present him with Willie Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2020 CMA Awards.

At the time Jimmie Allen said “To be able to present Charley Pride with the award and stand here next to him and have a song with him…You imagine one of the biggest dreams you have and accomplishing that and that happened for me tonight.”

Jimmie shared the most impactful impression that was left on him as a child after learning about Charley Pride, “There was finally someone who looked like me in every genre that I knew about .”

Jimmie Allen is now leaving his mark for future singers to follow as he’s currently climbing the airplay chart with country music veteran Brad Paisley and their song “Freedom Was A Highway.”

Photo Courtesy of Jimmie Allen