Jameson Rodgers’ Finds the Ones He’s Missing for his New Music Video in Chicago

Jameson Rodgers‘ current single at country radio is “Missing One.”

Jameson has released the music video for track as well, and he shares, “The ‘Missing One’ video, this was my third official music video that I’ve I’ve ever done. So, I feel like I’m getting a little more comfortable each one. This one was cool, we shot half of it south of Nashville at a gas station there and then the other half was filmed a couple hours south of Chicago. We had some some actors and actresses out of the Chicago area.”

He adds, “The guy and girl and the mom in the video I think they were all from around Chicago, or based out of Chicago anyway. It was it was cool getting to kind of handpick the people that were going to be in the video. I’ve never really done that before, maybe picked one for the ‘Some Girls’ video but it was just cool kind of diving in and handpicking some some faces and people that I thought fit the the vibe of this music video. And Dustin Haney directed this one and crushed it. He’s done all three of my music videos and just crushed every single one of them. This was probably my favorite one so far. So I hope y’all enjoy it and go check it out.

Photo Credit: Matthew Berinato