Chris Janson Knew “Bye Mom” Would Connect With Fans

Even before Chris Janson’s current single hit country radio, he knew there was something special about “Bye Mom.”

Chris shares, “I was playing it for the fans before was on the radio and so I was seeing the real reaction whether it was going to work or not you know by looking at faces in the crowd.”

He adds, “The first time I played ‘Bye Mom’ was an immediate reaction…it was a reactive song I mean people were putting their video cameras up and videoing it, like you know, that doesn’t happen every song. So, they were doing that and that was kind of my first clue and then played it live on the Opry one time…impromptu…didn’t tell anybody I was doing it – nobody had any clue. Nobody had any idea what the song was. Never heard it before. I played it to a standing ovation…to a sold out Opry, and it’s just because the lyrics. It was just me and a guitar but the lyrical content struck a chord with people, so we knew we had something really special.”

More fans will get to have a special moment seeing Chris Janson perform this song live in concert as his Halfway To Crazy tour launces next month on February 10th in Dubuque, Iowa.

Check out the music video for Chris Janson’s “Bye Mom” which features the song’s co-writer Brandon Kinney and his family.

Photo Credit: Spidy Smith