Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, Lionel Richie & American Idol are Back!

American Idol is back!

The 20th season premiered Sunday night with Luke Bryan, Katy Perry & Lionel Richie back in the judges seats and sending hopeful contestants to Hollywood to fulfill their musical dreams.

A couple of the stand out auditions include…

Cole Hallman – who sealed his “Yes” vote when he sung a classic Rolling Stones hit with his sister Katie.

Huntergirl showed up from Winchester, Tennessee and immediately became a favorite of Luke Bryan’s – who compared her voice to Miranda Lambert…and also predicts that she has Top-10 potential on American Idol.

Tyler Allen‘s audition for Idol was inspired by the loss of his nephew – and his performance brought Katy Perry to tears…

The Sunday night auditions included viral TikTok star, Delaney Renee – also known as the Disney singing babysitter who was secretly recorded by the woman who hired her, Nicki. Talking with the judges, Nicki shared that out of the 18 million plus views the video got on the social media site, American Idol was one of them and reached out. After Delaney’s audition Nicki lost a babysitter, but American Idol gained another singer.

Noah Thompson‘s “Yes” started with the faith and confidence that his friends and family had him before he did…including his friend Arthur who signed Noah up for the American Idol audition. After Noah sang Kameron Marlowe‘s “Giving You Up” – Luke joked that Arthur should become Noah’s manager.

The judges were surprised when the granddaughter of music legend Aretha Franklin stepped up for her audition – Grace Franklin made her grandmother proud but split the judges as Katy was a “Yes” but Luke and Lionel thought 15-year old Grace needed some more time before she started her musical journey. Lionel, who knew and was friends with Aretha, gave some heartfelt advice as he voted “No.”

Along with all the people trying out for a trip to Hollywood, Sunday night’s American Idol also featured the truth behind Luke and Katy Perry’s fiancé Orlando Bloom‘s burgeoning bro-mance.

Fans can follow American Idol on Sundays on ABC.

Check out the latest from Luke Bryan – “Up” is his current single at country radio…

Photo Courtesy of Luke Bryan and American Idol