Callista Clark Makes Tim McGraw’s Day with One of His Songs

Callista Clark recently shared a cover of Tim McGraw‘s “My Best Friend” – which was featured on his 2014 album, Love Story.

Tim shared his reaction to Callista’s take on the song on social media – and even thinks she should head into the studio to record it…

When Tim said that Callista’s cover version made his day…she shared that she freaked out!

If you’re not following Callista on social media you’re missing a lot…the young singer shares her unique take on cover songs with her fans, like “My Best Friend,” and this classic from The Chicks

Callista’s 5-track EP, Real To Me, is available now…

One of the songs fans can find on the collection of music is Callista Clark’s “It’s Cause I Am.”

Callista Clark Headline Photo Credit: Ford Fairchild
Tim McGraw Headline Photo Courtesy of Tim McGraw