Lauren Alaina Scores a Million Followers – and Rewards Her Fans

At the start of the weekend Lauren Alaina was just shy of 1 million followers on Instagram…40 to be exact.

So she put out the challenge, “Fun fact of the day: I am 40 people shy of a million followers on Instagram. If you don’t already follow me on there, head on over. When I hit a million followers, I am going to post an unreleased song.”

Lauren’s fans said “challenge accepted” and it took less than 2 hours for Alaina to eclipse the million mark.

Lauren made good on her promise by posting, “Y’ALL! We did it!! As promised, here’s an unreleased song called ‘Talking To God.’ I hope you listen to it DEMOver and over again, and love it as much as I love all ONE MILLION of you.”

Check out Lauren’s unreleased song, “Talking To God,” here…

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Photo Courtesy of Lauren Alaina