Dierks Bentley is Heading Out for Another Beer Run in 2022

Dierks Bentley announced that his Beers On Me tour will continue in 2022 and he’s taking Ashley McBryde and Travis Denning out with him.

Dierks says “A bunch of friends, ice cold beer and good Country music is just about all you need for a perfect summer!”

Dierks adds, “Every year when we plan a tour, I think this summer is going to the best yet…and this year is no different! I’m excited to have Ashley and Travis jump on this leg of the Beers On Me Tour…now just counting the days ’til June!”

Not only is it the name of his tour, but “Beers On Me” is the title of Dierks Bentley’s Top-5 (and climbing) song with Hardy and Breland

Photo Courtesy of Dierks Bentley