Luke Bryan Gets Pranked By His Wife Caroline With the Help of Katy Perry

Have you seen the latest in the prank war between Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline?

Luke and Caroline have been scaring each other for years – but Mrs. Bryan just cranked it up a notch.

On American Idol’s stop through Nashville this season during the audition round, Caroline pretended to be a noisy and out of control stagehand.

Luke and Lionel Richie didn’t know what was going on, but Katy Perry was the perfect accomplice for Caroline’s prank on her husband…watch what happened here…

As Caroline shared the Bryan’s prank war has been a long and fierce battle…

Luke recently posted a video of when he got the jump on an unexpecting Caroline.

Of course, in previous years Caroline has gone to great heights to get Luke…

@lukebryan I’m coming for you @linabryan3. #prankwars #quarantinelife #fyp #foryou #boredinthehouse #sneaky ♬ original sound – LukeBryan

What’s the old saying? A couple that pranks together, stays together…or something like that.

If that’s the case – Luke and Caroline will be with each other forever…scaring one another.

While not prank videos, Luke shared some special family videos for his music video for his current single at country radio, “Up.”

Photos Courtesy of Luke Bryan