Chris Janson Had an Unforgettable Moment on Tuesday’s Grand Ole Opry

Becoming a member of the Grand Ole Opry and playing on its stage means a lot to Chris Janson. It’s always special to him when he makes an appearance…but this past Tuesday’s show might rank as one of his all time favorites.

Tuesday, March 29th, Janson showed up for his set at the Opry, and a very special person in Chris’ life just happened to make their debut that night as well…his youngest child, Jesse Janson.

Of course, this isn’t Jesse’s first time on stage with dad, the young Janson recently wow’ed the crowd on one of Chris’ tour stops with a version on “The Real Bass Pro.”

“The Real Bass Pro” along with Chris Janson’s current single “Bye Mom” can be found on Chris’s upcoming album, All In, which arrives April 29th

Photo Courtesy of Chris Janson