Cole Swindell’s New Album Stereotype is Available Now! 

Cole Swindell’s new album, Stereotype, is out now!

As his new album was released, Cole sent out a special message to his fans on social media.

When it comes to the title track, and album, name “Stereotype,” Cole says “I had that title, and I just thought what a cool title that could be if you could write it a different way and I thought about you know instead of it being stereotyped what if it’s you got a girl that she’s the turning up my stereo type of girl and I just think, just a little twist like that is why I love song writing and also being able to…it may have a different meaning to some folks, you know, but…especially like me. Even artists get stereotyped about their music or think that this is all this guy can do or this is all he sings about, and I just think that stuff isn’t fair. That’s why you make albums and that’s why some people don’t listen to the whole album, they just know the recent single you got out there and I’m just being honest I think this album has a little bit everything and that’s why we thought it was cool the name it Stereotype and let people just think about that what they want.”

Cole thinks that fans will be able to relate to many of the songs on Stereotype, “I think there really is a song for everybody on here so that’s another thing I can’t wait to hear what everybody’s favorite is.”

Stereotype track listing;

1. “Stereotype” – Cole Swindell, Michael HardyJordan Schmidt
2. “Every Beer” – Cole Swindell, Michael Hardy, Jordan Schmidt
3. “Never Say Never” (with Lainey Wilson) – Cole Swindell, Jessi AlexanderChase McGill
4. “She Had Me At Heads Carolina” – Cole Swindell, Ashley GorleyJesse FrasureThomas RhettMark D. SandersTim Nichols
5. “Sayin’ You Love Me” – Mark HolmanErnest K. SmithJames McNair
6. “I’m Gonna Let Her” – Dustin LynchJustin EbachJosh Thompson
7. “Down To The Bar” (featuring HARDY) – Cole Swindell, Michael Hardy, Jordan Schmidt, Josh Thompson
8. “How Is She” – Hunter PhelpsBrock BerryhillGreylan James
9. “Miss Wherever” – Cole Swindell, Chris LaCorteLuke LairdJosh Miller
10. “Single Saturday Night” – Ashley Gorley, Michael Hardy and Mark Holman
11. “Some Habits” – Chris LaCorte, Josh Miller, Scooter Carusoe
12. “Girl Goes Crazy” – Cole Swindell, Michael Hardy, Ross Copperman
13. “Walk On Whiskey” – Randy MontanaRodney ClawsonJared Mullins

It’s been a while since Cole’s last album, All Of It, has come out, so he’s very excited to have new music for fans to listen to, “You know it’s always thrilling to have new stuff out that you’ve been working on, you’ve been waiting on people to hear but when it’s been you know over 3 years I think it’s even more exciting and just hopefully the fans are just as excited and you know because the buzz around us this duet with Lainey (Wilson) has been amazing and I’m just ready for them to hear the whole project.”

Stereotype includes Cole’s 2021 number-1 song “Single Saturday Night,” – Cole says, “I knew the first time I heard ‘Single Saturday Night’ that I had to record it. It could be for anybody. For anybody in a relationship…already had their last single Saturday night, or maybe for somebody looking for that special someone, heading out on the weekend looking to change it all.”

Cole is currently sitting in the Top-5 on the country airplay charts with his duet with Lainey Wilson, “Never Say Never.”

Cole shares the story behind the song, “’Never Say Never’ is a song that I wrote several years ago with Chase McGill and Jesse Alexander and I’m so thankful to have Lainey Wilson on it. It’s just you know about a relationship that probably isn’t good for either person and it’s just hard to say no sometimes it’s comfortable and even though it’s not doing any good you keep going back and you keep going back and it’s just one of those things you know I think a lot of people can relate to it, everybody’s had that person that could never say never to.”

Cole Swindell’s album Stereotype is available now.

Photo Courtesy of Cole Swindell