Caitlyn Smith’s New Album – High – is Available Now

Caitlyn Smith‘s brand new album High is out now.

This is Caitlyn’s third album, but the first one where she’s taken on the role of producer – a decision that was helped by her move back to her home state of Minnesota.

After she released her 2020 album Supernova – which featured her CMT Music Award nominated “I’ Can’t” with Old Dominion – the world shut down due to COVID.

Caitlyn shares “The last few years have been such a season of growth for me and my husband. It really all starts with the beginning of the pandemic…I released a record, everything shut down, and my husband and I were looking at each other like ‘now what do we do?’ We’ve always wanted to move back to Minnesota… that’s where we’re both from…and we decided, you know what? What better time than right now.”

So Caitlyn, her husband Rollie, and their two sons made the move back to the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

Smith shares that the return to home let her “turn down the static and get back to her roots” and she feels lot of that is reflected in the music on her new album.

While she was busy songwriting during quarantine – thanks to zoom sessions – when it came time to build an album Caitlyn was still in Minnesota outside of the usual Nashville resources.

That led Smith to take a leap of faith on herself and slide into the role of producer, “This project was a little bit different for me because I decided to self produce this record which was quite the undertaking something that was very terrifying. I’d written the songs…singing the song is another way of vulnerability but being in charge of the whole sonic landscape as a producer was another layer of vulnerability and so it feels really exciting to finally have it in the world.”

High track listing:

  1. “High – Intro” (Caitlyn Smith, Jennifer Erin Decilveo, Miley Cyrus)
  2. “High” (​​Caitlyn Smith, Jennifer Erin Decilveo, Miley Cyrus)
  3. “Dreamin’s Free” (Caitlyn Smith, Shane McAnally, Lori McKenna)
  4. “Good As Us” (Caitlyn Smith, Dave Barnes, Ben West)
  5. “Downtown Baby” (Caitlyn Smith, Gordie Sampson, Thomas Tawgs Salter, Simon Wilcox)
  6. “Nothing Against You” (Caitlyn Smith, Shane McAnally, Matt Jenkins)
  7. “Maybe In Another Life” (Caitlyn Smith, Jennifer Erin Decilveo)
  8. “I Don’t Like The World Without You” (Caitlyn Smith, Gordie Sampson, Troy Verges)

With this collection of songs, Caitlyn says, “The goal in releasing High is that we want to capture sonically those feelings and emotions that are the highs of life.”

High from Caitlyn Smith is available now and includes “Downtown Baby” – Caitlyn’s single at country radio now.

Photo Credit: Shervin Lainez