Carrie Underwood Headed To Stagecoach Festival So She Could Go To Paradise City

While people who went to Stagecoach Festival this weekend were having the ultimate fan experience watching Carrie Underwood in concert, Carrie was having the ultimate fan experience on stage singing with Axl Rose.

The country singing superstar has always talked about her love of rock music – which she got from her older sisters – and she’s not shy from breaking out a head-banger at her shows.

Saturday night at Stagecoach not only did Carrie breakout two classic Guns N’ Roses songs, but the guy who originally sang them was there right by her side.

After her performance Carrie shared, “Best. Night. Of. My. Life!!! I am still freaking out!!! Thank you, Axl, for making this lifelong dream come true!!! You rocked that Stagecoach Festival stage harder than anyone has ever rocked it before!”

While on stage Carrie and Axl sang “Sweet Child O’ Mine” and “Paradise City.”

Carrie also thrilled the crowd at Stagecoach with music from her upcoming Denim & Rhinestones album.

Carrie’s Denim & Rhinestones arrives June 10th.

Fans who couldn’t make it out to Stagecoach Festival this weekend were happy to watch the music video for Carrie Underwood’s single “Ghost Story” – which came out on Friday.

Photo Credit: Jeff Johnson