Kane Brown Professes His Love Like His Love of Country Music

Kane Brown is out with a brand new single – “Like I Love Country Music.”

Kane first gave fans a listen to the new track with the help of his daughter, Kingsley.

Talking about the track, Kane says, “I wrote this song in 2019. I remember it was a little writer’s retreat thing on the on the road. So we had two different songs going, one in the back of the bus and one in the front of the bus. And I was in the back. And as I came up front, they, the writers had this great idea. And they already had some of the first verse and I just remember thinking, this could be a smash. And I jumped on it and right after that we all fell in love with it and been waiting to put it out. But the song just wasn’t ready and now it is.

Listen to Kane Brown’s “Like I Love Country Music” here…

Photo Courtesy of Kane Brown