Thomas Rhett Shares His 4th of July Menu – and it’s a Smash!

Are you getting ready for your 4th of July celebration?

Still need help planning the menu?

Thomas Rhett might just have an idea for you…

TR shares, “I mean, steaks are kinda my go to, but I think if I was having like a Fourth of July party or something like that, makin’ smash burgers on the Traeger are my favorite thing in the world to do. Just getting ground beef and putting like a cast iron on the Traeger and gettin’ it to 500°, put ‘em on there, smashin’ ‘em, cutting with olive oil, salt, pepper. Put the buns on either side of them while there’s butter meltin’ on ‘em, and then American cheese. Pop it all together, good to go.”

We’re sure that half of Thomas Rhett will want a burger on 4th of July – and the other half will too!

Photo Courtesy of Thomas Rhett