EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Casi Joy Shares Behind The Scene Video for “Everything’s Fine”

Casi Joy‘s single “Everything’s Fine” is out now.

When it comes to making the video for the track, The Voice alum says, “This video shoot was probably the most fun we’ve had on set!”

Casi also made the video a family affair, “I think my favorite part of the video is that my mom, dad, husband, brother, nieces, nephew, and one of my best friends are in the video! It made it so fun to have them there with me especially since I needed kids to yell at on the rink!”

But making the video for “Everything’s Fine” wasn’t all fine, “The scariest scene to shoot, however, was the vacuum biting the dust! We only had one chance to have the powder explode in my face, so everything had to be perfect on the first try.”

And it was, but Joy adds, “I think I still have baby powder in my eyeballs, but it was so worth it!”

Check out the behind the scenes fun on the video shoot for “Everything’s Fine” here…

Now that you’ve seen how it was made, watch the official music video for Casi Joy’s “Everything’s Fine” here.

Photo Courtesy of Casi Joy