New Album – New Number-1 Song – New Truck – Dylan Scott Tops the Billboard Country Chart

Congrats to Dylan Scott – the same week his new album, Livin’ My Best Life arrived for fans to check out, his song “New Truck” made it to the top of the Billboard Country airplay chart.

Talking about his number-one song, “New Truck,” Dylan says, “The first time I heard ‘New Truck,’ it sounded different than anything else I was listening to.”

Scott adds, “We’ve all been in a situation where you and your significant other have broken up, and it’s tough. Every time you get back in your truck, you go back to certain memories of them in there as well. So this song is saying, ‘Man, I need a new truck to quit thinking about her.’”

“New Truck” from Dylan Scott’s album Livin’ My Best Life is the number-one song in country music this week!

Photo Courtesy of Dylan Scott