B-Rad Lee

B-Rad Lee grew up in Colorado, enlisted in the Navy and came back to Colorado Springs to raise his family.  This is his heart and home.  Growing up in district 49 on the edge of town, he’s seen the amazing growth of Cat Country which has supported his strong sense of pride for his hometown

In the beginning, B-Rad Lee worked as the voice of numerous night clubs and as a disabled vet, has embraced the strong military community.  If you find him familiar, you may have seen him hosting the Bands in the Backyard as well as numerous other events where there’s a lot of crowds and excitement.  Thriving off the energy of others, you almost wonder how he does it!


When he’s not crowd surfing or hosting events, he’s home being a proud father to his four boys educating them in the art of sports and teaching them unconditional love with their two giant dogs. 
Like the Energizer Bunny, B-Rad Lee just keeps going, and going, and going. 
Keep an eye out for him.  You never know where he’s going to go next.