How did you get the name “Bayli”? My Momma and I love it!

Where are you from? The good ‘ol 719

What’s your story? I could probably come up with a better and much cooler story than what my life has actually been, so stop by an event and ask me for a story (but only if you bring your dog).

Are you single, married, coupled, or other? Happily coupled up!

Kids, Dogs, or other animals? No kids and unfortunately no dogs (but if you have one, bring them by an event or send the station)

Favorite Southern Colorado hangouts? Get outside! We have some of the best sights right in our backyard and I love to be out of cell range. As far as in-town options, I love going to nurseries and plant shopping, Target, and supporting small businesses! I love walking around Old Colorado City and Downtown to shop and enjoy a nice day!

Likes? I love dogs (if you couldn’t tell) among so many other animals and love the outdoors. I also have a small obsession with music, bad puns, western fashion and fruit snacks.

Dislikes (working with Dylan doesn’t count)? I don’t mess around with negativity and coleslaw.

Socials?? Follow me on Instagram for more behind the scenes look at concerts, daily radio life, and all things mountains and music! @baylij25