November 15, 2015Where are you from? Minnesota

What’s your story?  I was born & raised in the Twin Cities. I left the land of 10,000 lakes when

I was 21 to chase my dreams in radio. Lincoln, Nebraska was the first stop of town-to-town up and down the dial. Followed by Des Moines, Iowa and Indianapolis, Indiana before settling in Southern Colorado.

Are you single, married, coupled, or other? Single

Kids, Dogs, or other animals? No kids that I know of… knocks on wood …BUT I do have a doggo, her name is Ellie!

Favorite Southern Colorado hangouts? I really dig Red Rocks Open Space, SuperNova Barcade, and Garden Of The Gods.

Likes? Traveling, sports (specifically hockey and football), going to concerts, whiskey, spending champagne money on a beer budget, and The Ranch On Netflix.

Socials? @ColtAdamsCountry