How did you get the name “J-ROD”?I was nicknamed that in high school as my name is Jarrod (get it J-Rod) and after that, it just stuck…After many years of therapy, I have finally come to accept it.

Where are you from? I am what you might call a Southern Colorado native….yes they still exist. I was born and raised in Pueblo with the best Mexican and Italian food you will ever eat! Crap, now I’m hungry!

What’s your story? Believe it or not, I always wanted to be a DJ since I can remember…no joke! I finally got my shot in the “big time” when I was hired to be a radio mascot and I still remember being in that smelly chicken suit in 100+ degree weather…yeah good times!

Are you married? I have been married roughly almost 20 years to the most patient and understanding woman on the planet…I mean I never thought I would ever meet a woman who could put up with me from day to day without being committed….but there is still time and I hear she likes white jackets that tie in the back with buckles.

Kids? My son is the coolest 11 year old…he’s smart and handsome and if he didn’t look exactly like me and act like me I would doubt he was mine…I mean the whole “smart” thing is soooo his mother’s side of the gene pool.

Favorite Southern Colorado hangouts? Without a doubt, Dutch Bros Coffee, (they know my drink without having to ask…is that sad?), Chick-Fil-A, anywhere they have a food truck rally, the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (visiting family in the monkey cages), and anywhere I can and be with my family.

Likes? My turnons are…..wait…..nevermind. Going anywhere with my son (its always an adventure), shopping and people watching at the flea market, and pushing an empty cart around with a phone in hand watching people in Wal-Mart.

Dislikes?Ignorance, Stupidity, and Hatred

Other tidbits? I got to sing for then-President Bill Clinton at a campaign rally, meeting Garth Brooks was the ultimate highlight of my radio career, I’m a huge comic-con geek, and self-proclaimed Back to the Future know it all.

Notable favorite all-time concerts –> Chris LeDoux, Garth Brooks in Vegas 2x /¬†Kansas City 2x / Denver 4x / Pueblo 2x (no there is not a restraining¬†order…yet), Prince, Paul McCartney, and Wayne Newton….yes you read it right…Wayne Newton.

I love our country and have a deep gratitude for those who fight for our freedom in our Armed Forces.