How did you get the name “Michelle Rodriguez”? – That’s my birth name! So I never had to pick a name as most DJ’s do 🙂
Where are you from? Dallas, Texas
What’s your story? I was born into a musical family. I grew up around it all my life. I wanted to be a singer. My dad quickly told me that was not an industry that would be an easy one as a woman. Luckily I landed in radio, working promotions and working my way up. Still so very connected to music and people. Really blessed to be able to call radio my job, and I kinda still “play” music. 
Are you single, married, coupled, or other? Single.. nope. No dating sites. Thanks 🙂
Kids, Dogs, or other animals? I have a niece and nephew who are my heart and soul. They’re my best friends and I would like to think I’m theres. At least I am whenever they want to play games on their tablets. 
Favorite Southern Colorado hangouts? Whiskey Baron, Dutch Bros (seems to be the staff “thing”), feeding the giraffes at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, and taking a hike in North Cheyenne Canyon.
Likes? I love going to live concerts, tackling at-home projects and anything that makes me feel accomplished. So yes, I change my own oil and I’ve changed and an alternator or two. 
Dislikes (working with Dylan doesn’t count)? Onions. who eats raw onions?!
Other tidbits? I seriously love doing anything DIY. I can’t wait to go mow my lawn after this survey! I’ll probably see if my neighbor needs his grass cut too! 🙂
Socials??  Twitter/IG: @michrod