How did you get the name “Wendy”?  Isn’t that my name?  Geez!

Where are you from? I remember when Academy Blvd., only lead to the Air Force Academy and was a dirt road where people lived on either side of the street and had cows.

We used to sled down Flintridge before it even had a name and anything east of where Powers and Woodmen are now, was waaayyy too far for any of us to go.

Now, this is a booming city and I’ve been so blessed to see it grow and flourish, add five new zip codes to the list, and I couldn’t live anywhere else. (I’ve tried)

What’s your story? I started my radio career with Westwood One 15 years ago as a traffic reporter.
The local rock station picked me up shortly thereafter where I was doing weekends and traffic and eventually got grabbed up by Cumulus to do the morning show with Jim Arthur on AM 740, KVOR.
Now, I’m back to get into your earholes once again with The Wendy and Bo Show, on Colorado’s Cat Country, 95.1.

Kids, Dogs, or other animals? My only baby is now in her 20’s and took the five-year plan at CSU Fort Collins (I’ll never have a savings account again) and she’s making me proud as a Junior Park Ranger for the Colorado Dept. of Wildlife. And five cats and two dogs.

Other tidbits? In my off time, I spend time working on my home and my garden all while entertaining and attempting to bake/cook whatever I see on baking and cooking shows.  I finally mastered high altitude chocolate chip cookies.

When it comes to the community, I enjoy working with the local animal rescues, especially the National  Mill Dog Rescue and yes, I’ve been a miserable foster failure.

Michelada’s are my favorite drink.  Unique and eclectic foods are always on the menu (charcuteries are my weakness) and I’m thoroughly enjoying the new gastropub style eateries that have opened in our town. But nothing beats a sunny patio, cold drinks, and great company.

I’m a ‘Karaoke in the living room’ girl.
I don’t dance (and you should be thankful).
I can count to 10 in six different languages.