The Birthday Blast

The Cat Country Birthday Blast

Celebrate friends, family and you, with the Cat Country Birthday Blast! Fill out the birthday card with your well wishes, and then listen at 7:50 every weekday morning for your blast. We'll also send you a copy of what went over the air for you and to share.
  • Tell us who you are so we know who to give credit to when we give the Birthday Blast.
  • Let us know who's celebrating their special day.
  • In case we need to reach you, if we can't pronounce the name for instance, we want to be able to contact you. We want to make sure it's perfect!
  • We'll send you a copy of what went over the air, so you can listen to it and share it!
  • Tell us what you want to say. Well wishes. Blasts of love. We want to celebrate with you with a special message for the Birthday Blast.