Niko Moon Asks for Some Easy Help – Should His Christmas Tree Stay Up or Come Down

Just so we’re all on the same page – Christmas was 4 months ago.

OK? Good.

Do you still have your decorations up?

Well, Niko Moon is still having a good time with his Christmas Tree still standing proud…but now he’s turning to fans to see if it’s time for it to come down…or just ride it being up all year long.

Niko is rocking around his Christmas tree to his latest single at country radio – “Easy Tonight.”

Talking about the track, Niko says, “‘Easy Tonight’ is a celebration of life y’all. Telling about making sure those drinks go down easy. We don’t get a long time – we’re gonna have a good time, right?”

Listen to Niko Moon’s new single here…

Photo Courtesy of Niko Moon