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Niko Moon’s New EP – Coastin’ – Set to Arrive June 10th 2022

Niko Moon recently broke some news to his fans… Niko’s new project – Coastin’ will arrive on June 10th… One of the tracks that fans can expect to hear on the new EP, Coastin’ is Niko Moon’s current single at country radio, “Easy Tonight.” Photo Courtesy of Niko MoonMORE

Niko Moon Serenades a Newlywed Couple on the Beach with “Dance With Me”

Niko Moon‘s current single at country radio is “Easy Tonight.” Niko is spending some time down in Key West, and hinted on social media that “We up to something down here in Key West.” One of the things he was up to was celebrating his wedding anniversary to his wife, Anna Moon. Along with a…MORE

Niko Moon Hears from the Fans – The Christmas Tree Stays Up!

Last week Niko Moon admitted that his Christmas Tree is still up, and wanted to know what he should do… Well, the fans have spoken…and Niko shared, “And the verdict is.. it’s stayin up!” Looks like Niko will be able to rock around the Christmas tree to his new song “Easy Tonight” all year long……MORE